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Gruesome Gavin Newsom Grasping at Straws to Try to Save His Political Career and Dictatorship Over California

Gavin Newsom, California’s current governor and former mayor of San Francisco is now grasping at straws to try to save his political career as the scandals pile up. He has been accused of sexual harassment by an employee within his office. It was also reported that he had sex with a woman who is now running for Congress while he was married in 2003. In addition, it’s been alleged that Newsom accepted more than $200,000 from two businesses who received large contracts from the state shortly after he took office in 2011. These allegations are just scratching the surface when you consider all of the other issues surrounding him such as drug use and abuse while mayor of San Francisco.

Former-San Francisco mayor and current California Governor Gavin Newsom has been pissing off Californians for the way that he has handled the Coronavirus Plandemic response. Newsom, a Democrat, has made it clear that he is not willing to work with the Republican Party on anything. Newsom says that he is only interested in working with people who will help him advance his agenda, and since every member of the California Assembly has been elected as a Democrat, Newsom doesn’t have any incentive to work constructively.

But now Californians are striking back and have a great opportunity to Recall Gavin Newsom on September 14th. Newsom had been in office for a little over six months when he declared the first Newsom Shutdown on January 17, 2019. Newsom did this to try to force the Democratic-dominated California Assembly to pass his Newsom Shutdown Budget Proposal which would have provided Newsom with $209 billion in new taxes and fees. Newsom hoped that California would go bankrupt as he is obviously in cahoots with the CCP and the Chinese government.

In the middle of his own lockdown, Newsom was seen partying, maskless at the French Laundry in Nana wine country. Newsom is an egotistical self righteous person, who should not be representing anyone – or running the government in California. Shutdown-causing monster who cannot get a single thing right.

Gruesome Gavin Newsom also had a secret billion dollar deal to buy face masks from the Chinese. They turned out to be “faulty” Who wants to bet that he lined his own pockets with kickbacks on that deal? Why was it kept secret? Newsom definitely has something to hide.

Gavin Newsom was exposed by whistleblower Newsbud:

The Newsbud team has uncovered the real story of how Gavin Newsom is secretly financially tied to China through an obscure Chinese City official in a blatant case of crony capitalism involving millions of dollars on the American side, and billions on the Chinese side. There is no way to explain that Newsom’s dealings with the Chinese were above board or ethical. Newsom is a crook who to help the CCP, wants to continue to shut down businesses and ruin even more Californians lives.

Newsom also doesn’t give a s**t about the homeless, as Newsbud News Network founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds said: Newsom is not only in bed with Chinese interests; he’s in bed with the CCP. Newsom was not alone. His chief economic policy advisers are married to Newsom’s chief political staff.

California voters – please get out and vote to Recall Gavin Newsom before September 14th. Vote YES to recall and then choose Larry Elder as the next Governor of the great state of California. Remember – the powers that be are going to try real hard to cheat on this election too – but we cannot let them!

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