QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Don’t look now, but the bots farms run by the Chinese Communist Party in concert with main stream media, little tech and the radical left are now not only spreading fake news in the media and via social media – they are attempting to get other news outlets to buy into the idea that the leftist agenda is supported by real people in the US. Their ideas are only popular with the people who want to destroy our great Country – only the crazies and those with severe self-serving agendas.

Just this afternoon, I have received over 20 identically or slightly altered emails from “concerned citizens” saying that resident Biden should use his “influence” to help Congress get rid of the filibuster – and they keep coming in. Not surprisingly, they all have return email addresses of @msn.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com etc. Obviously phony and designed for further mind control – make sure to resist. The ‘people’ being loud and projecting on the silent majority – are not even real people, so tune it out and focus on what is important – family and your God.

If you are ready for a good laugh, here is a cut and pasted sample of the press releases – and my response is below. (although I only responded to one before I realized what was going on).

To the Editor:

In November 2020, millions of voters like me went to the polls and cast a ballot for Joe Biden. 
Now, with a relentless GOP attack on our voting rights underway, I’m asking President Biden to return the favor. It’s time for Biden to go further than talking about supporting voting rights legislation. We need him to come out and fully support ending the filibuster so the Senate can finally pass voting rights legislation like the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

With the filibuster intact, these bills stand little chance of passing. We need the president to use his power of office to pressure the Senate to end the filibuster and clear a path for voting rights reform. 

We can’t out-organize voter suppression. History will remember how President Biden handles these attacks on our right to vote. I’m urging him to do the right thing.


Lacey Pierce
mudeyes@comcast.net 98037

Hi “Lacey” – er Chinese bot farm …. – thanks for writing.  Your opinion is valued, but definitely NOT one we share.
Liberals like you have continually called conservatives racist for wanting free and fair elections – among other reasonable and fair rules.  Not cool.
The “voter suppression laws” that you refer to actually make it easier to vote for everyone – and help secure our elections so they are no longer rigged like 2020.

Your installed resident, criminal Biden, lobbied against getting rid of the filibuster for quite some time, but you give him too much credit – you actually think he has influence?  Hahaha – he cannot even stay awake – or remember what he was told to do.
You know and I know that the dems “For the People Act” and John Lewis act are total shams designed to give government and politicians even more control over our elections – and power to control our lives.  Neither are for We the People – nor give anyone more voting rights except for criminals and people the Harris-Biden have brought into our Country illegally.

Thanks again for your opinion – I’m glad that you are still free to have one, but at this rate, that won’t be lasting long.

Joe Kennedy
Bellevue Business Journal – BellevueBusinessJournal.com

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