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Candace Owens interviews Dr Robert Malone on Rumble Joe Kennedy do biz

Candace Owens Interviews Dr. Robert Malone and Gets Truths About the Dangers of Mandated Vaccines – Rumble Video

This is a really great video of Candace Owens interviewing Dr. Robert Malone on her “Politically Uncorrect” podcast. Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the MNRA technologies that were used to develop the vaccines for Covid-19. It’s a great interview covering subjects that should be of interest of everybody – especially those women who may desire to bear children in the future.

Dr. Malone is a real expert and scientist and refutes much of the so-called ‘science’ and claims of the US federal government and the lying mainstream media. His truths and his interview on the Joe Rogan podcast are a big reason that the left has continued to try to cancel Joe Rogan.

I’d love to hear your opinion of this interview and where you believe we go from there.

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