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Elon Musk Now Majority Shareholder in Twitter – Hey Elon Will I Get My Accounts and Followers Back?

In a fantastic move for freedom and free speech, Billionaire tech mogul and Visionaire Extraordinaire, Elon Musk has purchased a 9.2% stake of the shares in the Twitter social media platform. Twitter and it’s founders, including Jack “Satan” Dorsey, have been widely criticized by many (including Musk) for their blatant censorship of (mostly conservative) users.

This writer had over 10 different twitter accounts with thousands of followers permanently suspended in 2016 with no reason given by twitter. This was well before the stolen 2016 election – and the suspension of US President Donald Trump’s account.

Hey Elon – will will be getting our accounts (and followers) back?

Perhaps a follow-up question will be – will those of us previously censored return to the platform(s) that censored up?

Twitter Does Not Adhere to Principle of Free Speech Elon Musk

A couple of other things to note: According to the SEC, Musk purchased his shares in Twitter on March 14th, 10 days before his poll on whether Twitter adheres to the principle of free speech. 70% of respondents said No – Twitter does not adhere to free speech.


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