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Zuckerberg in Prison for Life - Treason Does Not Pay Well

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Could Facebook / Meta the Next Yahoo? Is the CIA and/or the US Government Preventing Elon Musk from Buying Twitter?

Apparently with the news of a potential hostile takeover of Twitter by visionary and free thought leader, Elon Musk – and as more and more evidence of 2020 election fraud and treason by Facebook, now Meta, Founder Mark Zuckerberg is uncovered, even the mainstream lying media is turning on “Fakebook”.

It seems that anyone and everyone employed at Twitter or Facebook, – or on their boards should definitely be afraid for their jobs. And some, like the very unlikeable Zuckerberg should value what little freedom he has left in his life. Treason does not pay well.

As a result, “Meta”‘s value continues to fall – as it should. Facebook, like Twitter, Google and the like, are all guilty of censorship of Americans – and those of us who have grown up in America, KNOW that there is no place for censorship in a free America.

Musk has made it clear, that he will certainly clean house if he is ‘allowed’ to buy the Twitter platform, which has pretty much cancelled all conservatives over the past couple of years. Elon may have been born in South Africa, but he knows how much damage Twitter has already done to our great Country by infringing on our rights to free speech – and appears to want to fix that.

Personally, I believe that Musk knows that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are all bought, paid for and controlled by the US Government’s Clowns in America (CIA). There are definitely others as well, think Netflix, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNBC, CNN and more – that contribute to the CIA’s Project Mockingbird used to control public opinion. But Mockingbird and the Clowns attempts to control our thinking are not solely financed by the Clowns themselves, but unwitting investors and unthinking users as well.

Musk is a smart guy. He knows what’s up. He realizes that just by attempting to buy the Twitter platform, he can further expose the corruption of ‘big tech’ and our VERY shady government.

We The People are tired of being lied to and ripped off. We The People are sick of people like the Biden, Pelosi and Obama Crime Families getting rich and more powerful, while we have to suffer the consequences of their corruption.

What you can do – turn off your television (programming), don’t listen to or read “the news”, work to make sure we have free and fair elections with voter ID, and vote out all government corruption. Continue to expose their lies, deceit and corruption. Like a certain President said “Drain the Swamp”.

Oh yeah – and sell ALL your stock in ‘big tech’. Our freedom and Our Country may depend on it.

(Image from MobyGeek’s Story About Zuck’s Earlier Crime)

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