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Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger Killed for Telling Truth QAnon.fun

Former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger Testified that Paid Professional Agitators Were Operating at Jan. 6 Riot – NOW HE’S DEAD

The Sergeant at Arms to the other four+ other officers who responded to U.S. Capitol attack have died by suicide. All coincidence, no doubt!

Here are some of the comments from Rumble …

  • nsurf, 5 days agoJust add that Sergeant at Arms to the other four+ other officers who responded to U.S. Capitol attack have died by suicide. All coincidence, no doubt!REPLY110rumbles› Show 3 replies
  • Mikelee1459, 5 days agoHow many Law Enforcement officers directly involved with Jan 6 have either committed suicide or died unexpectedly since that day? like 6 or something? It would not be difficult to imagine that these are all people that knew too much… that represented too great of a risk to just be allowed to keep living. The Democrats are nothing more than gangsters, old school evil control freaks stealing and killing.REPLY93rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • tpeters90, 5 days agoHOLY CRAP! This is 100% government cover up now. This guy was suicided after this.REPLY83rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident, 5 days agoIt’s no wonder why he was Epsteined. He told the truth and went against the narrative that is being pushed.REPLY71rumbles
  • CaptBuck, 5 days agoThis Country is in in serious trouble.REPLY65rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • oneJohnHenry, 5 days agomore implosion……Trump won! FREEDOM! TRUTH!REPLY50rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • hoosierNdixiePlatinum, 5 days agoDead men tell NO TALES. Every pirate worth his salt knows this. The DNC is part of an international criminal cabal of globalists, eugenicists, blackmailers, human traffickers, drug traffickers, extortionists and the like. Pray these evildoers get their just rewards soon.REPLY46rumbles› Show 2 replies
  • Leosmom, 5 days agoaanndd…he’s dead now too?? saw headline this morning, is it true????REPLY37rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • 2rdkaiser, 5 days agoWho paid the professional agitators? Who paid to have 3 white vans filled with Antifa dropped off at the capitol? Who paid to have Michael Stanger killed before he could testify?REPLY32rumbles› Show 2 replies
  • boxlor, 5 days agothen the democrats shot himREPLY28rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • Gergnad, 5 days agoWhat the hell is going on now.REPLY28rumbles
  • Geewhatsnext, 5 days agoFuqqin Pelosi!REPLY24rumbles
  • MAGA1Gma, 5 days agoprobably “assisted” suicide or covid side effect.REPLY16rumbles
  • RobinOrourke1, 5 days agoHe is either dead from the poke or he was offed !REPLY14rumbles
  • MsJanaMc, 5 days agoWhat?REPLY13rumbles› Show 2 replies
  • Theresam7, 5 days agowhy aren’t we questioning Nancy Pelosi why she was the one in charge something isn’t rightREPLY12rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • TennesseeFiddlefoot, 5 days agoIt’s time for a fruit basket turnover event. We won’t exist much longer without one.REPLY12rumbles
  • NormanEdward, 4 days agoFBI, strikes againREPLY12rumbles› Show 1 reply
  • MoeHailstone3, 4 days agoThe entire J6 smelled of conspiracy from day 1. #1 suspect is the witch.REPLY11rumbles
  • MightyChang, 4 days agoIt’s easy to tell that Jan. 6 was a setup. They opened the doors, they open the gates, they waved people in, they didn’t arrest Ray Epps and others, and they denied Trump’s request for national guard.REPLY10rumbles
  • rossmc, 5 days agoIs the man who shot and hanged himself (allegedly). Or was that another. I fear we ARE actually at war with the deep state.

We’re in trouble here folks as long as they continue to get away with this sheet …. It’s time for the big reveal ….

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