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Still Believe in the J6 “Insurrection” Fantasy? Find Out About Ray Epps and His Co-horts

Are you someone who is still believing in “bi-partisan” un-selected committee BS? Really believe that Trump ordered and organized an “insurrection”? Perhaps you cannot tell you’ve been brainwashed by all that “high quality” prime time show, the media mob and the little tech titans?

Do your own research. Maybe start with asking “Who is Ray Epps?” Watch this video to get started in the right direction.

After you learn more about Mr. Ray Epps, come back here to leave a comment with your thoughts – especially how long he may survive before committing suicide …

Oh by the way, why does the FBI refuse to admit how many people they had as provocateurs during the phony “insurrection” on January 6, 2021?

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