QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Deaths Reported Due to Covid Vaccines VAERS 080422

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports Now Include Over 1.3 Million Adverse Events

Adverse Reactions from Covid Vaccines Include 29,790 DEATHS, 4,889 MISCARRIAGES, and 55,719 Fellow Humans DISABLED

Thinking about getting another Covid vaccine? Think again!

Check out the VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting. The numbers are staggering. It’s important to know that these numbers are much lower than reality – they are only the REPORTED cases.

Have you noticed that the closer we get to the mid-term elections in the US, the more and more the government and our un-trusty media are trying to scare us? – both about Covid and the super nasty Monkey Pox. Do you think they are doing it because they have to have mail in voting again so they can select their ridiculous ‘leaders’ with their crazy agendas? Of course they are – but we are on to them and won’t keep putting up with their BS … The end of this charade is coming soon! The real evidence is in – and will soon be revealed for all to see!

Oh BTW – there are apparently a growing number of doctors and scientists who say that MonkeyPox is gaining spreading around the world at least in part due to the mass vaccinations used in a feeble attempt to fight Covid. It’s actually true. How do we know that? The lame stream media and the narrative of their fact-fuckers says that is not true and has been debunked. We know that they can only lie and write what they are told and paid to say.

These asshats are not even clever about it. It’s almost as though these articles are written and posted by bots to spread misinformation …

What do YOU think? Are you getting ready to take your next Covid booster? Getting in line for the MonkeyPox vaccine? Would really love to hear your thoughts!

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