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Free Press Releases

One of the simplest things that a business can do to help get publicity is by sending out press releases.  These releases are sometimes now called media releases (as they no longer are only sent to print and/or traditional media).
You can send your press releases to Local Business Scoop and we will post them for free.  We will include a photo and up to three links (including your social media channels) if you include them in your release.  Just make sure to send them in a text file (Word works best) and not in pdfs.  Send them to News@VirtuallyFamousMarketing with the subject “Free Press Release” and we’ll get it posted for you as soon as we can.
Press releases are the number one tool used by PR firms to sent out news about their clients.  Maybe your business doesn’t have the budget to hire PR firm to write and send out your press releases – but this is something you can do yourself.  If you do not want to write your own press release or spend the time to build a current media list to send it to, we can write and send our your press release for you.  For guidelines on sending us press releases, or more information on our services, please see Submit News on the top menu.  We are here for YOU!

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